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Military Children's Six Foundation

Legislation & Advocacy

As former military service members at the Military Children's Six Foundation (MC6) with families ourselves, we know the issues that matter most to military families with children.  And who is better to advocate for those important issues? MC6 stands in support of the families who serve silently and sacrifice daily because we know what it’s like to be a military family. Whether it is writing letters in support of legislation, keeping track of bills in Congress, or providing testimony, we are the voice behind our military family force. We stay constantly updated on the latest issues affecting families, we amplify their concerns and work to guarantee they have the best quality of life as their loved one serves our country.

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HR 6482 Camp Lejeune Justice Act. 

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is the site of one of the worst water contamination cases in US history. The base was a frequent pollution spot where oil, industrial wastewater, and toxic chemicals used as degreasers and solvents were all knowingly dumped in the local storm drains between 1952 and 1987, contaminating the local water supply for 35 years. 

Burn Pits 

Nearly all military service members who deployed to combat zones since 9/11 were exposed to open-air burn pits: pits of all categories of waste that were burned near where our troops lived and worked. Veterans and Active Duty service members who breathed those fumes are now coming down with rare cancers, autoimmune diseases, and respiratory problems. Shockingly, the VA is rejecting 80% of claims by veterans related to their burn pit exposure. The Burn Pits Accountability Act (BPAA) is an essential first step in the MC6 advocacy fight to ensure that veterans exposed to burn pits are taken care of. . We know that if it affects the military parent then it affects the military child!  Read The Pact Act Bill Here


Military Child Care

Military families commonly struggle to find high-quality, affordable child care. While a lack of affordable child care is a national issue, the problem is even more acute for service members, who move frequently, often work irregular hours, or live far from extended family. Read More Here.

Day Care
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TRICARE Young Adult

Under the Affordable Care Act, commercial health insurers are required to automatically cover young adult dependents under their parents’ plans up to age 26. However, TRICARE is exempt from this requirement. Instead, TRICARE only covers young adult dependents up to age 21, or 23 if enrolled in college. Military families who want their young adult children to retain TRICARE coverage must purchase a separate premium-based plan, TRICARE Young Adult

Read More Here.

Food Insecurity

Too many military families struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table. The hunger within the military community is not a new or isolated problem, and military families should benefit from the same social safety net programs that support their civilian neighbors and friends. Yet thousands of military families continue to fall through the cracks as they don’t qualify for these programs. Read More Here.

Canned Food
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