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Our Priorities

Child Welfare

The Military Children's Six Foundation works to give every child a safe start in a permanent nurturing family and community and prevent the crises that bring children to the attention of the child welfare system, provide quality care for children who need foster care, and ensure all children a permanent home for with birth, kin or adoptive families.



The Military Children's Six Foundation work to eliminate discriminatory education policies and practices and the inequitable distribution of resources that undermine equal educational opportunities for all students, especially military children, poor and low-income students, children of color, children with disabilities, English language learners, children who are homeless, children in foster care and those returning from juvenile detention.


The Military Children's Six Foundation work to create communities in America where no child lives in poverty and all children have the OPPORTUNITIES, and RESOURCES they need to reach their full potential.


We work to ensure more humane and rehabilitative prevention and treatment for all children who come in contact with the juvenile justice system, especially military children and children of color who historically have been disproportionately impacted.


Children Health

We work to ensure all military children in America have access to physical and behavioral health coverage and care that is child-specific, comprehensive, affordable, and easy to get and keep regardless of military status of the parent or income, zip code, place of birth or immigration status.


We work to end the gun violence epidemic in America and ensure all children a right to live, learn and grow up safely.

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