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Colonel Adrienne Schaffer (Ret.)

The Colonels' Corner

Colonel Adrienne Schaffer USA (Ret.)

In difficult times and trying times, God’s answer is often a gift of hope. Hope is God’s plan for each of us. But traumatic events or life-threatening illnesses can bring fear, and it tests everyone affected by it. The need for someone to offer them news of hope has never been greater than it is today. Colonel Adrienne Schaffer (Ret. USA) believes that those who are willing to come alongside this effort and take His precious gift to those hurting and in need will change many difficult roads into a testimony. 

"A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts."


The Colonels' "Sick Bay"

Sick Bay

A Children's Hybrid Academic - Community Centers 


“Fundamentally, there is a huge difference between the treatment of childhood and adult cancers and any novel treatment developed for pediatric oncology needs to recognize that,”


“Cancer therapies are largely not developed for children and those developed for adult cancers impact children very differently, especially with respect to both short- and long-term toxicity. New approaches are long overdue and urgently needed. Yet, by developing cancer therapy optimized for children, adults will surely benefit too, as they did at the dawn of cancer chemotherapy itself, where some of the first cures reported in childhood leukemia later translated to adults.”

Access to effective diagnosis, essential medicines, pathology, blood products, radiation therapy, technology and psychosocial and supportive care are variable and inequitable around the world. However, cure is possible for more than 80% of children with cancer when childhood cancer services are accessible.

Because researchers found that the medical community is not doing enough to reach out to marginalized populations to discuss new advances in treatment and technology, leading to some alarming results. The Colonels' plan is bold place Hybrid Academic - Community Centers in marginalized communities so that parents can respond quickly, and make better informed decisions.


Providing Services for:

  • Children

  • Children of Veterans

  • Active Duty Military Children


Some of the Services include:

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Critical Resources

  • Specialized Treatment Options

  • Community Education and Outreach Hubs

  • Temporary Housing Solutions When Traveling For Their Child Treatment


The Colonels' Emergency Shelter For Veteran Women, Active Duty Women, Active Duty Spouses and Civilian Women

The Colonel's Safe Quarters offers an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and their children. Temporary emergency shelter for up to 45 days to 2 months for women. Additional services available such as:

  • Advocacy

  • Counseling (family, teens, adult)

  • Housing (transitional, permanent supportive Housing)

  • Batterer Intervention Programs

  • Case Management

  • Resource Lab

  • Mental Health Services

  • Community Resources

  • Groups

  • Training (Employment, Etc.), and 

  • More.

The Colonel's SQ offer a safe place for survivors and their children to escape to in a crisis situation.

Our housing programs are often different from what you might imagine a typical homeless shelter to look and feel like.

The Colonel's SQ advocates are on staff to support survivors and their families to obtain the information and resources they need to gain stability and heal from the abuse by providing the following support:

  • Assistance obtaining important documents like: birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses, etc.

  • Referrals for obtaining protection orders and legal assistance.

  • Help applying for public assistance and housing subsidies.

  • Referrals to mental health and addiction services.

  • Assistance enrolling children in nearby schools.

  • Counseling and support groups for women and their children.  

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The Colonels' Quarters - Transitional Housing (CQT)

When serving in the military, home is where you are stationed. When transitioning to life as a civilian, finding a place to call home can be trying for some veterans. Surprisingly women veterans' housing is often more difficult than is to be expected.

Civilian life can be more challenging for women than for their male equivalents. Some have children to raise as single parents and some are dealing with PTSD and military sexual trauma. This can put women vets at a higher risk of becoming homeless.

CQT offers transitional housing solutions for those transiting to civilian life from military services and housing solutions for those exiting emergency domestic violence shelters.

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The Colonels' Permanent Supportive Housing   

The Colonels' Permanent Supportive Housing is “an intervention that combines affordable housing assistance with voluntary support services to address the needs of [people experiencing chronic homelessness]. The Colonels' Quarters services are designed to build independent living and tenancy skills and connect people with community-based health care, treatment, and employment services.” In order to meet the chronic homelessness definition, an individual must:


  • have a qualifying disability; and

  • reside in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or an emergency shelter; and

  • have experienced homelessness either continuously for one year OR experienced four episodes of homelessness in three years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

"Liberty requires opportunity to make a living decent according to the standard of the time, a living that gives man not only enough to live by, but something to live for."   - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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