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 Military Children's Six Foundation
Humanitarian Advanced Response Team

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Col. Adrienne Schaffer Esq.(Ret.)

Executive Director

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Jim Schulman


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"When the man is at home, his standing in society is well known and quietly taken, but when he

is abroad, it is problematical and is dependent on the success of his manners."

The Military Children's Six Foundation's (MC6) Humanitarian Response Team (HRT) responds to military actions, conflicts, and wars with a single objective, "responding to the humanitarian needs of children." MC6-HRT is focused on humanitarian needs that arise, particularly among internally displaced peoples (IDPs) and refugees. We are not focusing on conflict itself except for how it affects population movement and humanitarian needs. 


On June 1, 2022, the MC6-Advanced Humanitarian Response Team traveled to Poland and Ukraine to access and respond to the humanitarian crises as a result of this unprovoked war on Ukraine.

We Knew the world wanted to help Ukraine. But organizations delivering humanitarian aid faced major obstacles.

Organizations and individuals want to help Ukrainians but what we found out was organizations delivering humanitarian aid faced major obstacles and challenges on the ground. 

We didn't want to just throw resources at the problem, we really wanted to identify what are the specific needs of the people, and organizations there on the ground and resource with our allies, donors, and fill those needs.” And, we did. We put boots on the ground, access in real-time problems with delivery channels, and distribution of products, shortages of medical supplies, housing, and a host of other pertinent needs that were not being addressed.

We understood that it’s just incredibly difficult to deliver any kind of response safely when the fighting is as horrendous and constant, for that reason we needed to access, determine, deploy, and be informed where resources were needed the most.


Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine lack food, water, heat, electricity, medical care, shelter, mental health support, and direction.


We would like to especially Thank Nataliya Yevtukn, Elena KD, Lyubov Gordeeva, Olga for their tireless work in putting together a Ukrainian and Polish Network to assist the Military Children's Six Foundation in Poland and Ukraine. You guys rock!





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